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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mdmallard, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Hello Everyone,

    So I've been a long time lurker of this site for a few years now and I've learned a lot from everyone on here. I finally joined the site, because I need some advice on smoking spare ribs. My wife and I are hosting her father's 65th birthday party this weekend and my wife put me in charge of the main dish... spare ribs.

    I usually rub on a thin base of yellow mustard along with some rub seasoning and smoke the ribs for about 4-4.5 hours @ 225 degrees with fruit wood chips. I can't do mustard this time, because my father-in-law is allergic to it. Mustard is the only thing I've ever done and they come out great every time. I've read about olive oil and even a fruit jam/jelly base online, but would like some advice from people on this forum.

    What would you suggest to use other than Mustard?


  2. Hello MD. Tons of people on here using nothing, after all, the mustard isn't even tasted after the meats smoked so. Other than mustard and if you must have a glue for your seasonings, give the ribs a light rub down of canola oil (something neutral) and then toss on your rub. It'll work just the same.
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    I have used mayonnaise many times.... It's about 80-90% oil of your choice in an emulsion of egg yolk for the fat...

    You could try bacon grease for the fat and make your own emulsion... or bacon grease alone.... Darned if I know..... then you need an acid like lemon juice...

    I particularly like Mayo for salmon... especially low fat salmon... like humpy or chum.....
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  4. I'm with Dave with Mayo on the Fish.  You can use just about anything try some EVOO  I use it pretty often

  5. jbills5

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    Use nothing. Just throw your rub on there.  The mustard does nothing but act as a bit of glue for your rub, but does nothing for flavor.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    I'm with jbills , Just rub and cook... the moisture on the meat is enough to hold the Rub on...
  7. sota d

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    I've used mustard, evoo, and nothing but the rub-it's all good. The nice thing about smoking is that it's not rocket science-so many different ways to do things. Happy smokin', David.
  8. I use Olive oil on everything. Brisket, TriTip, Ribs and pork butt before I season it. Works for me. I never use mustard.
  9. smokefever

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    I dont use anything on my spare ribs.  I just give them a generous rub down (using a brown sugar based rub) and after sitting in the fridge for a bit the brown sugar turns into a slight glaze.  You can opt to add even more rub on top and you'll be good to go.  If your family likes bark then dont foil just let them go until they're done.  If they dont care for bark then foil them.  Either way you'll be more than fine.  Ribs are pretty forgiving.  Good luck and keep us posted!
  10. There you go  lots of opinions 

  11. I like a thin coat of Olive oil. Works for me. helps the seasoning stay in place and gives the meat a shiny look without affecting the taste.
  12. You can use anything or nothing at all

  13. I do a lot of bar b que comps, and you would be amazed at what some people put on meat. I watched a guy one day puree some blue berries, wiped it all over his ribs seasoned and let air dry. Then he threw them on the smoker. I called him nuts and told him he needed to quit drinking. Later that day I walked back by his pit and he had a crowd. Curiosity got me...... He let me taste the ribs and believe it or not they were awesome. And I don't like blue berries.
  14. brandon91

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    I just sprinkle on the rub and let it sit until it looks wet, works fine for me. Also, if you didn't personally make your rub I would be careful, mustard seed is a common ingredient in rubs.

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