HELP !!!pork shoulder to spit no spit clamps(claws)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by sniltz, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. sniltz

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    I need ya'lls help in tieing a pork shoulder to a straight bar. I have a reenactment to cook at, and the spit I am using does not have the claws or clamps. It just has the metal rod, thats it. Can I just use butcher twine or stainless steel wire to secure it to the rod. Any info would be helpful. I know how to cook on a spit. Just not using one without any clamps. Thanks Sniltz
  2. pit 4 brains

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    Is the rod round or square?
    If you have wire, you could wrap it tightly around the spit a dozen times in a fasion whereit doesn't overlap then around the meat then around the spit again. If you know what way the spit will turn, and wrap as if it is winding up the wire, then if the meat wants to slip it will pull on the wire with a tightening force..
  3. travcoman45

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    Well they didn't have SS wire back then, don't wan't yall ta get shot.

    I'd put the butt on the spit, run nother bar through it an wire the two tagether good an tight. Shouldn't slip er spin, or ya could do the same thing but use two bars, one on each side a the spit an wire it all down.

    Just shootin from the hip on this one, should work though.

    Take some pics, like ta see what yall doin at camp!
  4. mballi3011

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    I don't know a way to tie it without some stainless wire or something food safe. I would go to the gas or hardware store and see if yo can pick up some hooks or another new rod cause after all you will use it again. Trust me.
  5. surgem7

    surgem7 Fire Starter

    Try drilling a hole thru your spit and insert a spike or just a small steel rod all the way through

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