Help! Pork cut identfication.

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  1. I received several cuts of pork from a local pig farm here on Oahu.  You pay a flat fee with a bunch of other people and then go pick up a bag with pork in it.  We have been doing this monthly with fresh produce for awhile now, but the pork thing is new.  You don't know what your going to get, just that it's fresh and local.  Anyhow, I don't really know what I have received so I'm not sure what to do with it.  Below are some pics, maybe you folks can help me out. I'm looking for help identifying and for some suggestions as to how to prepare.

    This kind of resembles a pork chop to me, still attached to the ribs.

    I'm pretty sure this is stomach (2 photos)

    Finally, this one looks to me like a little boston butt with the bone removed.

    I'm comfortable with butts and regular old ribs... this other stuff I'm pretty clueless about. Thanks everybody!
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  3. Big help, thank you.
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    That sounds like it is a great program and a lot of fun too
  5. Looking for Help!

    Can someone identify this pork cut?

    I asked for a Boston Butt - the butcher and I were speaking french - both our second languages.

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    That looks like a very lean fresh picnic ham to me. not a pork butt. still a nice cut of pork.  Reinhard
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  7. Will it still pull nicely after bringing it to 204 degrees on the bbq considering how lean it is?

    You see on the first picture that I am grabbing onto an attached but distinct piece that has what appear to be small flat looking ribs
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    The picnic has a good supply of internal fat, but it would have been nice to have left a little of the fat on the exterior but it should work fine for pulling [ i'm assuming there is more fat on the opposite side unless the butcher trimmed it all off]. Once it reaches the internal of 205 to 210 wrap it in foil and let it rest until it cools for pulling.  Those ribs are from the sparerib. I would do those seperatly for a meal. Reinhard
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