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  1. I think I might have messed up my Pork Butt.  I got just under 10# of pork cushion this weekend and it turned out to be 4 separate pieces that were avg 2# each.  I put a rub on each one and wrapped in plastic overnight and put in MES30 on Sunday afternoon.  I am having issues with the MES meat probe not having accurate temp so I put a food network probe through the vent and put it in the smallest piece of meat.  I obviously didn't read the whole ecourse on pork butt and thought the temp should be 160.  So I pulled them out at 160 wrapped in foil.  Then I read more and saw that it is suppose to be about 200 degrees.  They have been in the fridge overnight wrapped in foil.  Can I put them back in and bring to 200?  I need suggestions!!


  2. Julie, 160* is safe to eat... 180*  is right around the temp most shoot for when they intend to served the butt "sliced".

    If you were wanting to pull the pork butt, 195* - 210* is the IT you should remove it at.

    I think you should be fine to reheat it back up to pulling temp if you like (smoker or oven).

    Best of luck!
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    Yes, definitely you can, are you going to pull them?  The Pork Cushion is from the side of the pork arm shoulder, not the butt:

    It is a leaner cut of meat. Well marbled like this it could pull ok.

    You can definitely reheat and try to pull them at 200°, you may want to foil at 150° with some juice to keep it moist, though.
  4. Thank you, Thank you!!!

    It tastes good, but I really wanted to "pull" it so I will put it back in in the foil with the juices and see what happens!


  5. Yep, any pork cooked to 160 is OK to eat.  If you want pulled, as in pulled pork sandwiches or such, then 200 to 205 is aimed for temp, as this makes it much easier to pull it apart at that temperature.
  6. Thanks all of you! Just wanted to give you an update.  I put them all back in the MES wrapped in the foil with all the juices and smokes them another 3 hours to get them up to 205.  It worked wonderfully!!! They came out tender and soft and good flavor! I took a pic and will try to post later.

    Thanks again!

  7.  Julie, glad they came out okay. Once they are wrapped in foil where smoke can't get to them an oven works as well as a smoker. 


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