HELP..PLEASE with maintaining temp on a chargriller pro w firebox

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by james breedlove, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Ok first off never smoked didnt grill much...Bought a char griller pro a few years ago never used it until now..Ok so i did all the usual mods.. so i went to cure it ..I used a half bag of kingsford minion method in my custom made  charcoal box thats 3 inches off from the bottom good air the grill up to 425F wanted to start feeling out how temp dropped with adjusting vents slowly brung it down to 270...wanted to get it to 225F and see how long i could hold that temp.....Well 2hrs later with all vents closed i cannot get it below 243F  coals been all white since 425F ......Its been maintaining 243ishF FOR 30 MIN WITH every vent closed.... what did i do wrong...Remember guys and girls this is the first fire ive done in my life......Help Please ....
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    The minion method is placing a few lit coals onto unlit charcoal.  You control the temp by controlling the airflow allowing the coals to catch fire over a period of time.  Your coals were all lit to get the temp up very high, it;s hard to bring the temps down after so much fuel is fully lit.

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    Yep. If you don't start closing vents early in the process and let your smoker get that hot it could take hours to come back down. 
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    You likely also may have used way too much charcoal and may have to use some type of high heat insulating material to seal the door oft he firebox better. I had a Brinkman Smokin Pit Pro for years n always had trouble maintaining lower temps. I never added any tuning plates or door sealers, but did start using a small bit of coals to lite someszmaller wood sticks and then maintaining the wood fire. That helped quite a bit.. These things leak air like a screen door and air flow control is what you need to regulate temps/

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