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  1. bcool

    bcool Newbie

    Been smoking for a year now with my masterbuilt 7-in-1 and I feel that I need a little more space, plus if I'm smoking something I can't use my grill. So I have been studying the following smokers: UDS, WSM, and the gosm big block. I like the cheapness and the capacity of the UDS but I would want to do one with 2 grills, and I don't like that its not very portable and hard to get in and clean or access meat. Also probably wouldn't be quite as efficient as a WSM. I like the WSM for its efficiency, ease of use and ability to take it apart. Now to throw the gosm in the mix, love the size and capacity, like the gas, but would like to be able to use charcoal if i wanted, don't know about quality of the product or how good the meat it smokes is. If anyone can help me that would be great, it is quite a dilema and my wife doesn't want me to spend much.
  2. lcruzen

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    I've been using a GOSM with great results for a few years now. When I want to use charcoal I use my Weber kettle and use the off set method. What I really like about the GOSM is the ability to be able to do an excellent smoke and not have to tend to it very much. I can leave it be for a couple three hours once the temp is stablized and get some yard work done or something. I've never used a USD so can't speak from experience there.

  3. bcool

    bcool Newbie

    I really want to be able to use charcoal, do you know in your unit or in the big block if you can sucessfully rig it to use charcoal without any huge modifications? I was thinking just put it in the wood container or if there was room over the propane burner to put some charcoal if I want to run it that way.
  4. lcruzen

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    On the GOSM the propane burner sits below the bottom of the smoker so you'd have to cover that so not to detroy the burner with hot coals and ash falling on it. So if you remove the rack that holds the smoker box you might be able to rig up something to burn charcoal in. I think you'd need to go look at one in a store set up and think it thru. Anything is possible!
  5. lcruzen

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  6. bb53chevpro

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    I think you could conger up something in a gosm bb to use charcol. The gas burner is recessed (mounted) under the unit. If you would take a baking sheet, place it ontop of the burner, Use a coffee can (or something) with holes drilled in it to let air in and ash out, as well as 3 extra holes in the bottom to put bolts and nuts (to use as a tripod to keep it up) place it on the baking try.

    Hope this helps.
  7. bbq bubba

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    Build a UDS....cost ya about 75 bucks, runs all day, more grate room and better flavor!! And it's probably MORE efficient than a WSM [​IMG]
  8. bcool

    bcool Newbie

    Interesting that you say it is more efficient, it seems larger so I would assume that it is less efficient. Please expand and let me know more about your setup, additional pictures would help, how heavy is it, how many cooking grates do you have on it, where did you get them, how much charcoal per hour burn ect. I'm trying to make the most informed decision here. My main cocern is entry to get to charcoal and meat with always having to go in through the top. I'm not that lazy but it seems like a hassle, let me know if you find it so with your experience. Also what is the capacity? Also what is a good temperature guage for the uds? All I care about is accuracy.

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