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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by hawksbonesbbq, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Hey everyone - I need a bit of help on my smoking. I bought the chargriller a while back and was pretty successful with my smoking by just building a small charcoal fire on one side and meat on the other. I finally bought the SFB a couple weeks ago and I smoked a brisket last weekend. Turned out tender and juicy but was too smoky in flavor. I figured it was because I used these hickory woods chunks from Lowes. So today I am smoking Ribs using just charcoal and some wood chips. The problem is I am having trouble getting my temps up and keeping them there. It almost seems like I should be using wood in the sidefirebox as opposed to charcoal. BUt I want to avoid the over-smoky taste. Any suggestions? Also, I used Hickory last week. I am thinking that is what imposed such a smoky taste, I think Apple is the way to go. Anyone know where I can get apple wood pieces, not just chips. If I do need to use wood over there I want a mild smoking wood. Thanks for the help in advance!!

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  3. Do you have enough intake at the vent on the SFB. I use charcoal ( Kingsford ) as my fuel source most often and add a little wood on the outside edges just to smolder if they ignight i get a little spike in heat and lots of smoke, so i roll them over and move it a littlle more away and get the just right smoke for me.
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