Help!! On a pork belly.. to cure or not to????

Discussion in 'Pork' started by papa t, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Papa t . Here I am still learning how to smoke food properly. And would really appreciate some help. I am considering buying a hole pig and smoking my own bacon and ham out of it. Do I have to cure bacon?? I have heard of people not using cure for hams. Does any one have any advice on this??? BETTER to cure or not to.I would really like the wife to like this. Lol and of course I will be looking for a good non spicy pork link breakfast sausage also. Thank you papa t.
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    YES USE CURE. Ham isn't ham and bacon isn't bacon with out curing. It is what makes the meat pink and taste like it does.

    Without cure you can't slow smoke and the meat still be safe to eat
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    Without Cure #1, you don't get Bacon or Ham, as you know it. You get Smoked Pork Belly and a Smoked Pork Roast. The Cure gives the signature flavor and Pink color in the meat. Curing is a technique that you need to research. If not done properly you can ruin the meat. There are several ways to get great Bacon and Ham from Dry Rubbed Cures on Bacon to Wet or Brine Cured Bacon and Ham. For a first time try, Pops Brine gives a great product and is as simple as it gets. Additionally Pops family recipe for Breakfast Sausage is popular. Here it is... Have fun and look around as there is a ton of reliable info on SMF. Many recipes on-line are inaccurate and some are dangerous. That is not a problem here...JJ
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  4. Thank you jj
  5. Thanks for your input farmer

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