HELP. Not sure what they are called but they go into the coal boz to seperate coal.

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  1. rob sicc

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    Hi everyone.  I saw these Thick metal 'T' shape items used in a few threads and never made a note of them.  I am thinking now after reading about the minion method and see other techniques people use to make a fire last long, that I may want to get these.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about.

    What i remember is that the person put these 2 'T''s in the coal box facing each other.  this made like a snake of coals.

    The idea is to put the hot coals at the very beginning of the coal box snake.  Then the coals would slowly burn in a serpentine pattern through the coal box.

    Am I making any sense here?  Does anyone know what I'm talking about or did I dream this?

    Some one please help put me out of my misery.  lol

    Thanks in advance!!!!!
  2. jirodriguez

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    They are just a form of charcoal basket. You don't have to  have one that fancy if you don't want to. Do a thread search for "charcoal basket" and you will see many variations on the basic concept.
  3. rob sicc

    rob sicc Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Thanks.  I should have thought of that.

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