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Discussion in 'Lang Owners' started by navyjeremy, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Just today I got my Brand New 48 patio.  Was in the process of seasoning tonight and all was going good until I sprayed it out.  Noticed my temps dropping so I added another split.  Now I can't seem to get the temp about 150.  Not sure if I didn't start with a big enough bed of coal or what.

    I started with 5 splits, let the smoker get to about 290 and then started trimming down the pinwheels.  All was good for about 2 hours and now I can't get the temp up.  I am not sure what the issue is.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. thunk thunk thunk....Is this thing on?
  3. garyt

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    You cant break a Lang unless you drop it out of an airplane, I would have to say check your thermometer for accuracy, but it is a tel tru so unless you damaged it, it is accurate. Start over, build another fire, keep all pinwheels open and the door itself open slightly until it is going good. It takes a while for all that steel to get warm enough to hold temp. I start mine 45 min to an hour before food goes on, you want a small hot fire, I find I need to add a stick about the diameter of a soda, or in my case a beer can every 30 minutes. once it gets over 275 or so I close the pinwheel on the back side completly, and the door of course and the pinwheel on the front I leave about 25% open. Make sure the cooker is level and the stack is fully open. I found I had a learning curve with mine until I did this, now I can hold temp without a problem. I went from constantly messing with the pinwheels and having problems with temperature to sitting back and having to do nothing. You will love it.
  4. garyt

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    By the way, you do have the drain valve open dont you. Sorry but had to ask.

    I sent you a PM also
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  5. whittling chip

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    Two things come to mind. You need more air and you may have wood that has a high moisture content. If your splits are definetly dry, then try smaller splits. More surface area and more air will give you more heat.

    Good luck


    Edit - Congrats on the Lang. You'll love it.
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  6. garyt

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  7. This may sound lame, but why would you leave your drain valve open when trying to hold temp up.  I had left mine open once and I could not get the temperature to raise above 150.
  8. garyt

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    Always I only close for transport, you could end up with a grease fire or a huge mess if you forget to open it, it has nothing do do with a temp problem
  9. raymo76

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    My drain valve is never closed.

    I wonder if anyone has closed it and filled it up with water?
  10. garyt

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    I have heard of it being tried, it takes longer to preheat, boils off quickly and then there is the danger of a grease fire because it can run over the reverse flow plate and back towards the firebox.
  11. whittling chip

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    I have had may 36 Hybrid Lang for just under a year. I smoke nearly every weekend. By far I smoke more often with the drain closed. The reason is because I fill the reverse flow tray with water. Yes, you will burn through more fuel because you have to heat the water. I had difficulty keeping my temperatures down when not using water in the tray. I've since learned how to correct that problem. The main advantage to closing the drain and adding water is the steam that it produces to keep my food very moist. It also aides in keeping the sugary rubs from burning due to the high humidity level within the smoke chamber.

    If you have ever seen Myron Mixons' setup you will see that he swears by the water in his smokers. I do the same.

    Lastly, make sure that your unit is level with the firebox end just below level. (I use a level inside the smoker and rest it on the RF plate to level it but it's easiest to just add water and make sure the water level is even with the bottom of the grate). I'm not sure how much water I use to fill the tray. I just fill it to within 1-2" of the bottom grate. You'll be surprised how little the water evaporates during the smoke. I generally refill the tray about every two hours with one gallon of water.

    When I start my preheat my smoker it takes about one hour to get up to temp with or without the water. It seems to make very little difference.

    You can tell the benefit of using the water in the tray when you open the lid during a cook. The steam is very evident when you lift the lid. You will also find that your chickens and turkeys will be the moistest that you have every eaten.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Hope that helps,

  12. raymo76

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    Wow WC its already been that long since you've had your 36? I remember when you ordered and were waiting for it. I don't particularly have any interest in turning mine into a water smoker, I was just wondering if anyone's done it. I get enough steam from the fat and never have a problem with moisture in my foods.

    I've been on the verge of buying a welder and building a bigger smoker or buying a 48 deluxe or even 60 deluxe. I missed out on my buddies 60d he was selling by a few days, I had to wait for the wife to give the OK, now he has an 84.
  13. whittling chip

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    I got it for my 30th Anniversary June 4th last year. I can't believe how much I've smoked in the last year. I have a huge album of most of all of my smokes.

    It's funny you're looking forward to a bigger unit. My wife gave me the go ahead a couple months of go but I have other things to get done first. I'm wanting to set up a large grill/rotisserrie combo thing for my smoking patio. I just can't find what I want. I may have to have something built.

    Good luck smoking!
  14. raymo76

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    Ya know WC something I'd really like to add would be an Engelbrecht Grill, you should check them out, a bit on the pricey side though.

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