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Discussion in 'Curing' started by sapper-77, Nov 14, 2014.

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    I've looked through the forum and there is an overabundance of great info. I had a few basic questions I was hoping some of the experienced veterans could help me out with.

    I'm looking to make some summer sausage for christmas presents (probably beef/pork mix) and will probabaly use a store bought curing/seasoning mix made for homemade summer sasuage. I will be using the method I've seen done in which you cook at low heat to remove mositure then smoke at a higher temp to get inside temp at 160 degrees, then cold water bath.

    The cure that comes in the package is a sodium nitrate base. If I use this method to cook the meat, with the nitrate cure, do I have to refridgerate? Once it's cooled can I simply vacuum seal it and keep it at room tmeperature like the summer sausage you see in the stores? This is ultimately what I'm trying to achieve..........a homemade summer sausage that doesn't need to be refridgerated. I've searched my tail off trying to find solid info on this. I figured this will be the best place for real world experience. Thanks in advance
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    Check the label again.... It should say Sodium Nitrite.... If it says Sodium Nitrate, that is a cure you do NOT want to use... Use the Nitrite cure for cooked Summer Sausage..
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    Easy way to remember is that nitrITE is for instant/quick cured products like bacon, sausage, etc. While nitrATE is for AGED products, that will be hung around curing for weeks on end. If you're going to cure and ferment sausage over a long while, like say a salami, then you're good.

    Conditions still need to be fairly cool for cured hanging meats.

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