Help needed - Does anyone know anything about this Hobart slicer?

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  1.      Hello everyone! I need some advice. I have a chance to buy a Hobart meat slicer for a good price. It is a model 1712 - everything works fine on it & it is in really good shape. What I would like to ask is if there is anyone who can chime in who has any experience with this slicer? Is it a good model to get? I know Hobart has a good name but I don't know if there are any certain models that should be avoided due to known problems etc...  [​IMG]   Thank you in advance for any input. 
  2. Yep!
    It's an automatic deli slicer.
    Good slicer.
    I had one years ago, but like an idiot, I sold it!

  3. Cool! The guy wants $325 for it but told me there was a little flexibility in the price. If I can get it for $300 or less that would be a good buy on it then wouldn't it? I would really like to pick up a good slicer but want to make sure it is a good one if I'm gonna spend the money to get one...
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    I know there must be exceptions...but if it says Hobart, I want it!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. Look it over real good, make sure there's no play in the shaft, etc.
    $300 would be a great price if it's in good condition, I sold the one I had for $ equivalent slicer now would be around $5,000 or more new, I would guess.

  6. Thanks Martin! I had no idea they cost that much! I will look it over good & go from there. I will have the chance to check it out either tonight or tomorrow. If it is as nice as he says, & now knowing how much they cost, I'd say there is a really good chance I will pick it up...
  7. Ok I went & checked out the slicer last night. Everything works great on it with the exception of one thing - the knob to adjust slicing depth seems harder to turn than it should (to me at least) I offered the guy $200 figuring he would meet me in the middle somewhere but I just got a message from him saying he would take it. Surely it is worth picking up for that price isn't it? The knob works it is just hard to turn & I could open the slicer up if I get it & see what is going on... Having owned one of these, what do you think Martin?
  8. Sure sounds like a good deal to me!!!!!

  9. For that price, I'd be all over it! As far as the know, maybe a little food grade silicone spray would help it out or a good cleaning.
  10. Thanks! I'm gonna go pick it up [​IMG]
  11. Just got back with it - kind of awkward to carry that thing lol. Tomorrow I will open it up & see what's making the knob hard to turn. Thanks for the advice!
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    Just a quick word about something you already know..

    Be careful...

    I bought a huge..(80 pounder)..Berkel slicer 1 1/2 years is a monster.

    I stopped paying attention once when cleaning it and lopped off a chunk of my finger..

    My hand never slowed down..all I saw was the chunk with the finger nail in it hit the deck..then it started to bleed...then hurt...

    Took a few months to heal..

    The big commercial slicers are unforgiving..

    Go to the grocery store and watch them slice deli stuff..

    OK I will stop now..

    Great buy..

  13. Listen to Craig, his warning cannot be overstated

    In a grocery store deli, the employees are told to wear a protective cut resistant glove whenever using or cleaning the slicer. Most stores this rule is mostly ignored and consequently the deli slicer is the number one cause of accidents in that department. Slicer injuries happen in the blink of an eye and not even felt till many seconds later.
  14. Thanks Craig  - I will keep that in mind for sure. That thing seems really sharp & I'd rather not cause myself any more injuries - I've had enough (at least for awhile!)
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    Yer welcome..

    You will also find out it takes longer to clean than it takes to slice..

    I can do 20 pounds of bacon in about 25 minutes....then an hour to clean...

    Smoke a sirloin roast to 130  rare and put it in the fridge over nite..slice it paper thin and you will be in heaven....

    Get some food grade silicone spray and disinfectant wipes.


  16.      Just realized I forgot to update this thread. The guy told me he used vegetable oil to lubricate the rods for the depth adjustment. It seems that was the problem as it had "gummed up." I took it apart & cleaned up the rods & guide holes with steel wool. I put it back together with a bit of mineral oil for lube & it works fine now [​IMG]

         I am going to pick up some food grade silicone spray for future use...
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    Yep ! That'll take your finger off in a split second. I have been cut by a meat saw, kvives and a slicer and the one that still hurts to this day (especially when its really cold )

    is where I got cut with the slicer. It was more painful than when I was cut with the saw.

    Thanfully those mishaps were all early in my career, been stupid free for several years...[​IMG].

    now excuse me while I go beat an oak tree with an ash baseball bat! Can't be too careful ya know![​IMG]


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