HELP! Need to save the birds I'm smoking

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  1. I hope someone can help me real fast....I'm looking for this answer all over the place. I'm slung a Brinkman trail master with a side fire box and for some reason the SFB end is way hotter than I have been seeing....and I'm cooking three turkeys so my chamber is pretty full. Is there anything I can do to save the bird from the heat on the right side.....I can't take the birds out and do anymore mods. ...maybe wrap that side of the bird in foil?

    this sucks lol
  2. I do have a make shift tuning plate made from aluminum foil, and it has been doing great for ribs and chicken, but this is the first smoke I've done this size on here......
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    How'd it turn out?
  4. You might be able to cobble a expandable dryer vent hose inside the cc back to the fb side, and plate tune the hot gas stream almost all the way to the existing exhaust side with cookie sheets and heavy foil. Anything that shifts the hot gas stream. As far as the hot metal of the chamber on the fb end, its a radiant heat so a foil barrier on the bird or a few inches off the wall will help. Thats all I could think of. Its probably too late anyway?
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