Help! Need a great bbq sauce recipe

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  1. I'm throwing a party for my friends engagement and he has a few big time chef friends that have heard about my pulled pork. I typically don't sauce, but I need to have a sauce available, and it needs to be good. No store bought thank you for your help!
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    Just my suggestion. Smoke the butt a day or two early, pull and ziplock then add a spoon or whatever is needed of Chef JJ's world famous finishing sauce...... To serve a crock pot works well because it holds the heat in and the moisture also.

    His finishing sauce is nothing like a BBQ sauce. It will add a slightly enhanced flavor to your pulled pork that really will not be noticed unless you get carried away. Everyone will compliment your pulled pork not knowing why its better than what they are used to. Chef JJ has a BBQ sauce too, but were it ma, I'd get some whatever you like, put it in a warming bowl with a gravy ladle next to the Pulled pork and buns.

    Never attempt to impress the chef, if you cook it like you like it chances are they will also.

    Finishing sauce;

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