HELP me with my Chargrill Duo PLEASE

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by grill girl, May 10, 2012.

  1. Just received Chargrill Duo with fire box as a housewarming gift and I haven't a clue where to start so I'm seeking startup advice. I'm totally new at this but have high hopes of becoming the Grill Queen.  As far as conditionining the grill and getting that fire box secured what do you recommend I do first?  The fire box is attached but it just doesn't seem stable.  I am ready to roll please help me.
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    What are you looking to cook with it first?  This is a very versatile grill/smoker that should accommodate almost anything you want to cook outdoors.  Do you own a charcoal chimney starter?  Do you have any wood to smoke with?  I'm assuming you already have a propane bottle? 
  3. Can you post a pic of the unstable connected firebox? I posted a couple links for you on the Roll Call post you did.
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    Grillgirl, first [​IMG]  to the SMF . Glad to have you here @ the BEST BBQ site on the net. Here is a good place to start you journey with your new Obsession :

    May I suggest starting with the cheaper , easier cooks i.e.-Chicken , Fatties and small Pork Butts.

    This is to help you learn your Smoker/Grill .Use one side at a time as you learn and in a short while you will have the experience to do more expensive cuts of Meat.

     By all means , get a good , reliable thermometer. T Johnson carries the Maverick Brand with two probes ( one for the IMT and one for the cooking chamber temp.)

     I hope you have good experiences with your "New Obsession", and don't forget to send us Qview of your labor. You don't have to be the "BEST" , just enjoy what you make/do.

       here's some of what I do (love):


    Have fun and...
  5. chicken, fish, ribs, burgers, eventually the works.  I'm trying to understand what they mean by conditioning and oiling down the grill before first use.  Also, in my reading of posts about the firebox and different people's issues with it is causing me some concern. 
  6. i'll post a photo this evening when I get home.  Thanks for the links from my post on Roll Call
  7. Oldschoolbbq, thanks for the info and your photo definitely provided some motivation.  Thanks a bunch
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    Spray down the inside of the cook chamber and the cooking grates with PAM or wipe 'em down with vegetable oil.  Then fire it up for an hour or two, 300 degrees or so.  This will season the smoker.  And be ready to get some meat on there. 
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  9. If you are talking about "seasoning" your grilling surfaces I use bacon grease and do them like a cast iorn skillet.
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    The firebox issues may concern using some sort of charcoal basket or such.  This will allow you to keep the charcoal and or wood off the ash pan grates (which with heavy use, will burn out over a period of time).  I started out with a stainless steel wok from either Lowes or Academy, it fit in there great and held plenty of charcoal for a 3-4 hour smoke.  I just added briquettes from time to time for longer smokes. 
  11. [​IMG]to SMF!!  This site is an awesome place for info as you probably have already discovered.  I'm pretty new myself, but I found that a charcoal basket is a huge help.  Here's a link I found on here that will show you a great and inexpensive way to make one if you choose to do so.  Good luck, and enjoy the deliciousness you are about to create!

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