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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by wedgetail, Jun 5, 2014.

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    I've done a bit of bacon making before, always using saltpetre. It was fantastic. I've got another batch dry curing right now, but this time I didn't use any form of nitrate/nitrite, just salt. I thought I didn't need it. But I plan on cold smoking it, and have realised this is not safe. 

    So before I use them for fox bait (we're two chooks down after last night), I want to see if I can save it. Tomorrow will be the 5th day in the salt, along with a leg of soon-to-be-ham in brine in its 5th day. All in the fridge. I'm going to see if I can get some no1 cure off a mate tomorrow or maybe the butcher in town. If I can, I am planning on soaking the bacons and ham in a solution of it for another 24 hrs.

    What concentration should I use to eliminate the risk of botulism after cold smoking? Will a short soak (~24hrs) in something like a no1 cure be enough? The two bellies weigh I'd guess 3kg each and the leg 5kg.
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    If it was me, if it's still good, I'd probably hot smoke it to 145*, and do the next batch properly with Tender Quick or Cure #1.

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    you mean celcius or farenheigt? Hot smoking hole bellies of bacon - basically roasting them? I guess that's an option... 

    How about a third option - rinse them, dry them out for the pelicle to form then back in the freezer 'till I get some potassium nitrite or no1?
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    I said, if it's still good, I'd probably hot smoke it to 145*. That would be 145* F. I never smoke Bacon to 145*, but I never tried to cure without cure.

    What I meant by "If it's still good" is it's already been in a fridge for 5 days without cure, and I don't know about before that. And putting them in the fridge again without cure is just adding more time to it. We don't use Salt Peter here----Only Cure # 1 or Tender Quick. Any other option is above my pay grade.

    The option I gave you was just my way of trying to keep you out of trouble until you get a good plan & start another batch.

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    Bear ya go![​IMG]

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