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  1. Ok so I pray I didn't ruin my pork butt. I put it on last night high and fell asleep when I woke up 6-7hrs had passed and the thermom read 185 I have tried everything in my power to get tempature up it just won't raise higher than 190 what do i do?? Is there any hope at all. It got up to 250 for like an hour and half
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    You are in the stall. Wait it out and you will be fine. It will eventually start rising again.
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    She is taking about the Smoker Temp, not the meat IT...

    If it has not been Injected and you are satisfied with the amount of smoke it got, 4 hours +/-, finish it in the Oven. You can add some Apple Juice, Cola or other liquid you like, cover with foil and in a couple of hours at 325°F, you should be good to go. You want the Bone to pull easily and clean and an IT of around 205°F...JJ
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    Thumbs Up ... Looks good to me.....

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