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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by schiddy, Dec 12, 2014.

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    Hello all!  Been lurking for a bit and finally registered so I could ask for some advice.  Complete noob here who likes to jump right into random hobbies head first.  I acquired a Brinkmann gourmet smoker pretty cheaply.  It's a vertical smoker with no dampers, think poor mans WSM.  It has a single 2" intake hole under the charcoal basket which I plan to cover up and no exhaust holes.  I plan on adding intake and exhaust dampers, and gasket-ting the loose lid and door.  Also have a round charcoal grate and expanded metal to make a charcoal bin.

    I bought a weber 3 circle damper replacement kit, 3 holes at 3/4 diameter each.  I was thinking 2 for intake and 1 for exhaust on lid but now I'm not so sure that's enough exhaust.  I also bought some 26gauge raw steel plate that I can make a larger exhaust damper out of if needed.

    What would be the best damper size and placement be?

    Any help appreciated, even if they are guesses based on what you've seen with UDS's.  Thanks in advance, looks like a great community here.  

    Vertical Smoker specs:

    17" diameter drum

    25" tall from charcoal basket up

    31" overall height

    3 damper set specs:

    Round 3 holes per disk

    3/4' diameter holes

  2. Hello and Welcome.  I think the best option for you is to join the ECB Group.  Those folks all own that same smoker.  You should be able to find all the info you need there and if you have any more questions just post a thread in the Group and I am sure you will get the help you need. Keep Smokin!

  3. schiddy

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    Thanks for the replies and links guys.  I'll try and find that ECB group, that's on this forum correct? 

    I think the guy on that page did a decent job, but think that 9 1" vent holes for intake is way overkill.  The larger WSM uses 9 3/4" holes for intae and looks to be larger cooking volume area.  Looking for a more precise way to determine intake and exhaust vents, based on volume if possible.  I know most UDS builds uses 3, 3/4" inner diameter pipe intake vents, running most of the time with 2 of those closed and one partially open with a ball valve.  Those have a giant amount of inner volume compared to this smoker too.

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