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    I am trying to buy a smoker for my husband and son in law-but know nothing about them.  My husband had mentioned an electric one--do electric ones work well?  is masterbuilt a good brand?  I ma looking at the 30 in with remote and window at home depot?  Any help will be appreciated
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    I have no personal experience with MES or any electric smokers, but have read many discussions regarding issues, fixes, modifications to improve on the design and performance, etc. MES may very well be one of the better electric smokers on the market for the investment of money, but they do all suffer from certain faults (not just MES, but many electric smokers)...consider this a trade-off for the convenience of having an electric cooker. Propane and charcoal/wood-fired have their pro's and con's as well.

    The MES owners group (currently there are 757 members...this will probably be your best place to browse):

    Here's some additional reading if you wish to pursue this, from those who use MES:[]=110&replycompare=gt&numupdates=&sdate=0&newer=1&sort=relevance&order=descending&Search=SEARCH&Search=SEARCH

    Good luck on your decision!!! Sounds like someone is going to have some tasty eating in their near future!!!

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  3. Have the 30" with remote and love it. Have smoked salmon, turkey, pork butt, cheese, ribs and salt. The cold smoke attachment works super.
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    thanks so much
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    thanks Eric
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    I've owned a MES unit and was not impressed with it. BUT I am a long time charcoal/stick type, and the electric just took all the fun out of Qing. While it's convenient, easy to use and can put out some tasty food, it just doesn't satisfy the caveman in me. There is something about building the fire and tending it that soothes my neanderthal soul. I just didn't get that with an electric unit. 

    Don't get me wrong, the electric produced some great food but it just didn't feel right. I realize that people are busy now-a-days and they want quick and convenient. If that's your life style then an electric will do you well and the MES is a fine purchase. 

    I just wanted to throw my perspective out for you to consider. Obviously, you know your husband better than me, so ask yourself what kind of guy is he? Does he want to mess around with all that wood and charcoal or would he be content to set the temp and throw meat on a grill? For what you'll pay for a MES you can buy a WSM. Both are great cookers.

    Whatever your choice, I hope you and yours enjoy it and have many great meals from it.
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    Very good perspective, an well said. I didn't even think about it from that angle, but there is a lot more to selecting the type of smoker as a gift, even you've gotten hints. Is it the type that will make them happy...that is what makes the biggest difference of all.

    Of course, if it's a first smoker, one can always make upgrades to different types in the future, as I'm sure most all of us have or will do. If it's a second smoker, maybe this was a well-thought out hint from the perspective recipient of the gift smoker. I stepped from propane to charcoal, to a huge propane rig (as a gift), then another charcoal. Years later, I'm back with charcoal, but of higher build quality than the first couple of times time around...this time, probably for the remainder of my smoking years. So, I played the fields a bit until I really decided what I want. And, for much the same reasons you mentioned, but also, the flavor is deeper and just seems more true to the craft, and the novelty of smoke rings in the meat (not achievable with electric cookers without pulling some tricks, but having no impact on flavor) are easy to produce giving that look of the real deal. Oddly, the smoke ring becomes a brief topic of discussion at meal time, even at our house, after all these years. My son, using my Smoke Vault 24", takes pride in a deep smoke ring...he's been around me for too long...LOL!!! It's just a sign of low & slow cooking...and the patience while waiting for right moment when the meal is finally ready.

    Funny you would mention the WSM...I've been getting to know my WSM 18 for a few weeks, and I can't bring myself to walk away from it and fire up a propane rig. Very nice piece of equipment to cook on...simple, easy and very predictable. No turning back, now...I'm hooked.

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    I will take into consideration all of your responses--thanks so much
  10. I have a MasterBuilt smoker, one like you describe and I love it.  MasterBuilt have the best customer service going.  Also, the remote, they will love it, it lets you set the temps, up or down the temps, set the time, check the meat probe and turn on or off the smoker

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