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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bowjock, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Hello everyone.  I had an old Brinkman Smoke n Grill propane smoker, for at least 20 years.  Well needless to say the controls are all froze up and it is rusted out really bad.  That was all my fault for letting it sit without using.

    I would like to get another smoker.  A Propane one.  And since I live on Disability, it has to be low cost to get me going again.  What is out there that some of you might have an use that is a good smoker, in the 200-300 dollar range.  I know it will not be the best, but it is all I have to work with now.

    This will be used just for me and my small family.  Ribs, chicken, fish and that sort of things.  And would never need a high volume of space.  Say to cook for maybe 6-8 people.

    I would like one with the wood tray, a water bowl and a good  or decent thermometer to get me started back into smoking some meat again.

    Thanks in advance for any input/insight you might be willing to share.
  2. Hey bowjock I have a grillpro vertical gas smoker, I paid $230 for it a few years back, it does the job.  But you might want to look into the Camp Chef Smoke Vault.  They come in 18" and 24", I've had a look at them they seem alright.  Couldn't find them up my way before I got the one I have now, but would consider them when I need to replace this one.  Had a look on amazon and they are $200-$250 depending on size.  Hope this helps, good luck on your search and good smokin'.
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    Yes it sure does.  I just ordered the Camp Chef smoker vault 24 yesterday.  Getting all my old things and some new wants together now for when it arrives.
  4. Great minds think alike!  Keep on smokin'.

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