Help keeping cooked turkey moist!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mtesnohlidek, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I started smoking a turkey last night at 11 and wanted to cold smoke it for most of the night after brining for 12 hours.  My attached smoker was heating my grill up past 40 degrees so I went ahead and hot smoked it. I took it off this moring at 9:30 and it looks great, however, we aren't eating til 1.  How can I keep it moist and warm?  I actually cooked it with a beer can it it, so maybe the moisture inside will still keep it moist.   ANY IDEAS???  Thanks.
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    I would recommend wrappint the bird with a couple layers of foil and then in a towels too. Then put it into a dry cooler and fill the cooler the rest of the way with old towels and then it should keep hot for 4-5 hours. You might want to keep a thermo meter in it too. You don't want it to go under 135° or so.
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    Great idea!  Thanks so much!
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    It will stay piping hot in the cooler for hours and hours.
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    Yep, what Mark said.

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