Help! Jen-U-Wine Jerry VS Yoder YS640

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by kylem4711, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. kylem4711

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    Hi There, 

    I'm in the market for a smoker and am wondering if anyone has experience with the Jen-u-wine jerry junior smoker? I think its a neat idea, but am honestly not that experiences to call out some of the potential pitfalls. I really like the idea of throwing on a few wood chunks to get that extra flavor. The price is high, but i found one for $2,500. Still expensive, but not the 4k price tag advertised on the website. 

    Just as a reference, I am also considering the YS640. If there are any other rigs i should be considering, i'm very open.

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  2. chef jimmyj

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    The Price on the first two models seems pretty high, considering you can get a 60" Lang Deluxe with a separate Grill, on a trailer, including delivery for less than the $5500 cost of the biggest Jerry. Overall, they look decent...JJ
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  3. kylem4711

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    thanks Jimmy. i should have been a little clearer. i am looking at the jerry junior which would be $2,500. i do not have 5,500 for a smoker/grill.

    im a newb so sorry, but it looks like the junior isnt insulated, how big of a problem is that? i really like how you can burn wood. seems like an awesome feature. with the yoder though, its a proven beast. supposedly a pellet hog, but still very cool. any additional thoughts?
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Honestly...I think that Jerry Plate is kind of Gimmicky. An A-MAZE-N Tube can be added for extra Smoke at a fraction of the price of the Jerry Plate. Insulation on a Pellet rig or heavy construction like a Yoder is a Plus. The average Pellet Grills all burn Pellets at about the same rate. At 200°F they go slow and at 600°F they are pellet Hogs. Choose based on what you will do most often. For lots of High Heat Grilling, I feel a Centered Burner is the best choice. For Low and Slow the burner position is less important and Insulation keeps pellet usage down. In my research, the shorter distance pellets travel to the burn pot the less issues with clogging and strain on auger drive parts. Although Back Burn in the feed tube usually only happens with a malfunction like a positive pressure fan going bad, a grill that has the pellets Drop in the burn pot is a safer choice. Easy clean out is a strong feature. Removable burn pots and trap doors to sweep out ashes is a plus IMO...JJ
  5. tjohnson

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    I own 3 pellet grills

    Do your research BEFORE you buy

    Some pellet grills/smokers like the Yoder are 100% Made In Usa

    Some pellet grills/smokers are 100% Made in China

    Some pellet grills are "Assembled in USA" with parts Made in China

    I know the guys down at Yoder and this is one of the best pellet grills/smokers on the market today.

    I believe the price of a YS640 in in the $1,500 range

    Pellet grills produce less smoke as you increase the cooking temps.  It's just the nature of the beast in pellet grills.  Most guys like heavier smoke, and use a smoke generator to produce it.

    Some guys have found that adding chunks directly on top of the heat deflector will produce nice smoke too

    Don't get hung up on gimmicks
  6. kylem4711

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    thanks again Jimmy. i appreciate your honesty. all great info. i would love to find a used yoder, just to keep the cost down, but that seems to be pretty rare.
  7. kylem4711

    kylem4711 Newbie

    thanks for the help. ive tried to do abunch of reserh, but its easy to go down rabbit holes. i liked the jen u wine jerry too because it has 5 racks and tons of cooking spacrac. im trying not to get caught up in the gimmicks, but its hard... haha

    i have the amazen 5x8, but it has always given me problems. thats a different issue.

    can i ask what three grills you have and which is your overall favorite?

    by the way, i plan to mostly smoke with the ocassional grilling. hoping to get as much of a real smoke flavor too, which is again why i fell gor the "gimmick". plus vertical smokers are cool looking too. i just cant get away from the 640 though because of the build quality, reviews, and cool looks too. sorry for the ramble.
  8. tjohnson

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    I own a RecTec, GMG Jim Bowie and Traeger Texas

    All 3 cook well

    RecTec has all stainless parts inside, and ITC controller and temp is spot on

    Swapped out the Traeger controller for an Ortech and it performs very well

    GMG has accurate temps and a little taller inside

    I really dig the Yoder and Fast Eddy FEC100 or 120.  The Yoder is the least expensive of the 3, and built like a tank.  The FEC's are vertical smokers.  Good quality, made in USA and great controllers.

    IMHO: I would suggest you start with a less expensive pellet grill/smoker and get used to cooking with pellets.  There's not much of a learning curve because of the controllers, but some guys complain about the lack of wood smoke flavor.  If you dig the pellet grill, then it may make sense to step up to a larger and more expensive unit.
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  9. I have had my YS640 for 2.5 years, spent a long time looking at pellet grills. The BBQ store 10 minutes from me sold 5 different brands plus I had a Yoder dealer just over an hour from me. Even if I didn't have a Yoder dealer nearby I was sold on the Yoder and after having purchased one, I know I made the right choice. With a 10 year warranty on the body, 3 years on the controller and 1 year on the igniter I don't believe there is a better warranty out there. And even with a dealer nearby I ordered from ATBBQ and actually saved money than if I went local.

    Their customer support is second to none, I had someone call me at 7pm one Saturday night after I placed a support email, from a restaurant and helped me through a user error. And if I find I want more smoke, I have a 6" and 12" AMNTS. Sorry to disagree with you Todd but if I had gone with an less expensive pellet smoker I never would have upgraded. One of the guys I work with has a less expensive brand and curses that thing every time he uses it. Whatever you decide best of luck.

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