Help: Interrupting a Brisket Smoke to relocate smoker (I know how this sounds).....

Discussion in 'Beef' started by corey in pa, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. I know this sounds crazy but here is the situation:

    We are having a Kentucky Derby "smoke out" at my social club to show off our smoking skills.

    I am doing Brisket and Ribs as my "main dishes" on my MES.

    Because we can't get into the club until 7am I can't get the brisket done by post time by doing all of the cooking at the club.

    I live about 20 minutes from the club.

    My question is:

    Will I do any damagae to the brisket if I take it out of my smoker, wrap it in foil and then restart the brisket smoke within an hour at the club to finish????

    I personally don't think so but I would hate to mess this up.  There is a lot of smack talking riding on this.


    Corey in PA...
  2. mneeley490

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    I don't think 20 minutes is going to hurt anything. Just remember to allow time for both the smoker and the brisket to come back up to temperature. Is there any way to carefully transport the whole MES intact and upright? That way you wouldn't have to open the door and loose all the heat.
  3. I'm just afraid to have an on the road issue like with the drip pan or wood chips......

    I think I am going to just wrap it with heavy foil and bring everything back up to temp after the move.

    thanks for the suggestion.'
  4. chef jimmyj

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    You will be fine if you are down for up to an hour...JJ
  5. backwoods bbq

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    you want to keep the brisket within your "cook zone"

    What does this mean? well if your cooking your brisket at 300 degrees you dont want to go below 275 degrees. as 275-300 is a good temp to cook brisket. smoke brisket at 300 degrees then wrap the brisket TIGHT in heavy duty aluminum foil, wrap a towel around the brisket then place in a STYROFOAM cooler. NOT PLASTIC. get the brisket and equipment there asap and cook your brisket when you get there, a short time like this will not cost you bragging rights but might make it an eye opening experience for the smack talkers!

    My solution: stay up all night smoking that thing drinking beer show up with a brisket that tastes so good it makes your competition look foolish!

    Good Luck and smoke on!
  6. Thanks to all for the tips.

    I will post some pictures from the weekend after I get out of bed Sunday afternoon.

    We are having the "smoke out" starting at 7am, then I go to the in-laws for a Cinco de Mayo party at 5:30pm and then an after Derby party at 8pm....

    It's not a sprint, it's a marathon!

    Thanks again!

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