HELP!!!! I'm torn and dont know what to do!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lspilot82, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Well guys I've been wanting to do some kind of pulled beef and dont know which way I shall go with this. On one hand I think brisket would be awesome for this but the last time I tried brisket it turned out ok but not what I expected. I cooked it all together and didnt separate the flat from the other part and it cooked uneven. So now I want to try beef again and dont know if I should do a brisket or chuckie. I want to do a brisket to get it down but money is kinda tight and I dont want to mess up. I heard a chuck roast is easier and comes out somewhat better. So what should I do? And which is better for pulled beef? I've read so much on here but it really hasnt gave me any conclusions...some people like one or the other. So if you had a choice what would you do giving you wanna impress some people and not buy a big chunk of meat?
  2. rbranstner

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    They are both awesome and around here they are pretty similar in price per lb. A brisket is usually bigger so  it will usually cost you a bit more but that  is because you are buying more  lbs of meat. I normally find that Brisket and Chuckies are  pretty close to the same price per lb. At least that is the what I have found around here. I always keep my eyes open for chuckies to go on sale then I put a few in the freezer.
  3. desertlites

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    Get a chuckle and do it as you have read here. You will love it sliced or pulled. Pretty much fool proof.

  4. Ive read if I were to pull it, to do it just like a that correct? Take it over 200 degrees?
  5. raptor700

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      That's correct 200º - 205º
  6. smokinal

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    I agree, chuck roast is hard to mess up.
  7. arnie

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    Chuckies are pretty forgiving

    They taste like a pot roast with a little smoke thrown in

    Go for it
  8. sunman76

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    Do both and lets us know which one turned out best...[​IMG]

    just kiddn I would try a chuck my last one got good reviews

    I cooked it just like a brisket [​IMG]
  9. Right now I'm doing a whole chicken and think I'm going to do a chuckie tomorrow....hope she comes out good.
  10. Nice!

    I personally prefer Briskets Sliced and Chuckies pulled... glad you went with a Chuck!!!!
  11. tyotrain

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    Love pulled chuck you can't go wrong... good on tacos to[​IMG]
  12. chef jimmyj

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    I have to agree with Steve, because of the direction the muscle fibers run, Chuck for Shreading and Brisket Sliced...JJ

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