Help ID Vintage "Rail Road Smoker", 1 Of a Kind?

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  2.  I found it at a "Barn Sale"... and was WAY TOO HEAVY to even think of trying to fit into the trunk of my wife's Mustang!
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    That looks more like it belong on and old locomotive, or a coal fired boiler system. I am guessing no one would steal it from your yard.
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  6. Well, after a bit of online research I was able to dig up some additional info regarding my "smoker"...

    It was made by Union Switch & Signal Company. I found pic's of them used in two different ways. One use is as a remote independently mounted relay box to control more than one train crossing signal such as would have been used at a 4-way intersection of a busy city street. The more common usage is as a mounting base to a type of signal referred to as a Semaphore.

    Here is a link to a neat site I found where a collector purchases a complete semaphore including a base identical to mine and restores it to be displayed on his property -

     I'd like to find a place close by that I can haul it to and get it sand blasted down to bare metal inside and out, so I can repaint it nice and clean. It's going to need new grill rack's which is no biggie... maybe a couple minor mods here and there... the most difficult part is going to be moving it to the spot in my back yard where I would like to set it permanently, still putting thought into that task!

    A couple more photos~

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    That is just to cool!! I wish we lived closer,I would love to get involved in that build. ( I love old railroad stuff)
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    That is WAY cool! Looks like very little modification is needed. Just something in the bottom to hold the wood up out of the ashes...
  9. Hey thanks guy's! Yep, I'm excited... this thing has GREAT potential!!

    I will try to post a few good photos as I progress with the restoration.
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    Wow, not sure what else to say, good for you for your find :yahoo: . Fix er up and :grilling_smilie: :sausage: :grilling_smilie: Nice find, WHB
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    Great find, And cool link on the restoration project, but I like the idea of it being a smoker better.
    Good Luck!!!

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