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Discussion in 'Pork' started by pg89, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. pg89

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    I have been smoking a pork shoulder all day, but my smoker was a little on the low side (about 200f) for the most part. After 5 hours I transferred it to the oven at 250f and 8 hours later the internal temp is at 183f (I am aiming for 195-200f). The problem is it is now midnight and I am falling asleep! 

    I have set my alarm for 45 mins from now to check on it, but I will also have to let it rest once I take it out.

    What would be the best way to store it overnight once I take it out of the oven?

    I don't have a cooler.

    Could I just wrap it on foil and a towel and leave it out to rest until the morning or should I put it in the fridge even though it will still be hot?

  2. Wrap in foil. Then get a bunch of towels or a blanket and wrap it ral good. You''ll be fine.

    Happy smoken


    Remember to post pics
  3. lol. ahh yess the long smoke...the eyelids get heavy, the smoke makes u hungry...what to do what do....let it do its thing and when its ready have some foil ready for it to go in and do exactly what mule has suggested. oh yes and about those pics..well we'll need to see them. lol. good luck. [​IMG]
  4. When you get a chance will you add your location to your profile. Sometimes it helps if we know where you are when we answer.

  5. you coulda set that oven for 275* and been fine and thru this already. and yes please as mule has suggested also, put your location up. we like to know where all our fellow smokers are. lol. 
  6. Oh I forgot the important part. PM me your address. Leave the door unlocked. Make sure you put the dog up. I LIKE PP....AND I WON'T WAKE YOU UP[​IMG]

  7. werdwolf

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    Can set the oven to 200, get about 5-6 hours sleep and then pull it, rest it in the cooler, etc and go back to bed for 2-3 more hours.

    This is what I do when mine gets between 140-150.  ready to go in the morning
  8. chef jimmyj

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    Foil Wrap, Towels, and a Cooler will give 5-6 hours of holding above 140*F. Because the Meat is Hot, Sterile and going in an essentially air tight environment where Bacteria contamination is  very unlikely, you can safely get an extra hour or two letting the meat cool further. I would suggest pulling while still warm then bag and refrigerate promptly...JJ 
  9. pg89

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    Thanks for all the advice! It got to about 1.30am and it was still only at 188f so I  gave up in the end and just put it in the crock pot on low until this morning. It's only a small 4lb joint. It turned out OK, it's tender, tastes fine and I haven't thrown up yet so fingers crossed!

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  10. looks good[​IMG]

    ,i would have wrapped it very well and left it in the oven at 220 i would have then got a little sleep 2-3 hours, also once the meat has reached the 200 mark and if you do not have a cool box i would leave it in the oven set at 158-167 until you are ready to serve, you can leave it for several hours at this temperature as long as it is wrapped well,  i was a commercial catering equipment engineer and due to health and safety laws here in the uk restaurants have to keep meat held between 70-75c(158-167f) to prevent bacterial growth and to give a good safety margin as bacteria can develop below 63c-145f also meat should be kept below 80c 176f as the meat will still cook  and it will ruin the product if kept above this temperature for a prolonged period

    hope this helps

    happy smoking[​IMG]
  11. jarjarchef

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    I know a little late to the party. Your pork looked great.

    When I know I am doing lunch and pulled pork. I will start my cook the day before around 12 - 3pm. Depending on what  the temp is will decide what my course of action will be. If done i will not pull it. I will place the pork with some beer and apple juice concentrate in a pan. Then into in the oven wrapped with plastic then foil and set the oven to the lowest setting or at least 150 degrees. My oven only goes down to 170. Then in the morning I will drain some of the juices to make my finishing sauce. Pull the pork just before service and toss with the finishing sauce. Now if I am in the same situation you were in and my temp is not where it should be and wanting sleep (I like my sleep, just ask my kids), I will do basically the same process and the only change is the oven temp. I will set it for 190, so that the meat will still cook, but not get over cooked. The bone still pulls out and you will have a great texture to the meat. I would add if you can put a rack under the pork in the pan to keep it from sitting in the juices, do so. I find that the bottom gets a little more tender than I like, but is still very good. This also helps protect the meat from getting direct heat from the bottom heating element in the oven.

    I know it is very common for people to recommend using the towels and cooler method. Many have great success with it and and I have used it myself. However my Control Freak Chef side tends to win out and that is why I use the oven the way I do. Weather it is in the cooler wrapped or in the oven wrapped, you are not adding smoke to it. It is just making sure the product stays at a safe temperature for service. Nothing worse then making your guest sick in my opinion.
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    What Jarjar said!

    Use the tools at your disposal.  If you are out in the wild and have to pull the butt of the smoker the cooler is the way to go, but if you have an oven at your disposal the smart thing is to use it!

    Sounds like your pork turned out okay in the end.  

    Good luck next time - and get that smoker temp up.  You can go a little higher on your temps to get done a little quicker, but honestly, a four pound pork shoulder should only take about 8 hours to cook at 225.

    Hang in there!

  13. [​IMG]Looks great. Nice smoke ring

    Happy smoken.


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