HELP I just got an oklahoma joe... CAN ANYONE TELL ME what year serial NBS6429??? PICS included

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by dandddad, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Hello im new to the sight as well as new to smoking..... I purchased an Oklahoma joe the original owner said had owned more than 10yrs. and from what I can tell it looks like an original before sold to char broil... ANYTHING is helpful thanks.

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  2. Mine is only a month old and yours is different than mine, mine has another place to add another thermostat closer to the fire box.I have seen some OK joes that has two dampers on the fire bow and upper and a lower  . mine only has the lower one.
  3. well that's good atleast not like the new models, im just trying to find out if one of the originals built in perry, ok.  the original owner had under cover for 10+yrs is what they said.
  4. ~~Now from what research im doing it looks like a new brunsfels black diamond, BUT still has a Oklahoma joe serial plate not the NB plate?????
  5. from the pics yours did look a lil smaller than mine plus your wheels are way smaller. Maybe you have a Frankinstien of many parts ..which everyone you have happy smokin

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