HELP !!! How much time for smoking ????

Discussion in 'Beef' started by opticman, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Hi I am new to forum.

    I am smoking an 11 pound Ribeye (Prime) boneless....the whole slab. I have done smaller "rib roasts" (also boneless). On the smaller rib roast, at 225 degrees, it took about 3.5 hours or so to get it to med rare for a 4 or so pound roast.

    Now, I am smoking this 11 pound monster. The width of the meat is not as large as traditional rib roasts, this is the hunk of meat you might cut rib eye steaks from that are a bit smaller or similar to strip steaks in width.

    My logic says the total time should be similar to the smaller roast I did , maybe 3.5 hours or less to get it were I want. Of course I will be using thermometer but I am reading contradictory info about "30 minutes per pound maybe 5 hours plus for 11 pound" but this just doesn't make sense. Time should be similar to the smaller roast shouldn't it??? Since this piece of meat is just longer than the smaller one I did before.

    Any help would be appreciated. I need to have an idea roughly of total time since I want to serve when we are ready.

    I use an electric Masterbuilt , I love this thing. Just bought a ThermaPen for instant readings and use a wireless "leave in the meat" thermometer to get me in the ball park before doing instant checks.
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    Should take a small bit longer than 4 pounder..

     Put it on early..take it to 135 and wrap it til dinner time....

      And BTW


    This site has tons of info.

    I suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

    Ask questions and use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

    Take the awesome free E-Course!!!

    Have a great day!!!

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    First off welcome to SMF. You should go over to the roll call section & introduce yourself so we can all give you a proper SMF welcome.

    I agree with Craig, at most it would take an hour or so longer, just because it's a larger piece of meat & will take longer to heat up inside.
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    OK thanks so much for the feedback and I will officially introduce myself in the other area.

    Yes my thinking was maybe a little longer than the smaller one I did but boy I could not see cooking that thing for 6 or more hours (based on the rule of thumb of 30 minutes per pound).

    This looks like a great web site - I will uploads some photos from the roast.

    Dr Phil (Opticman)
  5. Hi and Happy Holidays to the board!! I plan to smoke 3) 7# boneless wagyu ribeye roasts in my MES tomorrow.  I was wondering about appx time as well.  Of course I will be cooking to temp i just don't want to cut myself short on time:)

    I really like the look of Ron P's, and the one Dawn did, so i think I will sear first for a little bark.  Last time I took to 110* and tried to grill for a crust; however, it flamed up on the grill and got really crazy.  



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    Estimated time would be around 3 hours, smoking at 225. Make sure you let them rest for at least 20-30 minutes before slicing.
  7. Merry Christmas!! Thank you for the reply.
  8. Well My ribeye roasts came out INCREDIBLE!  We had about 50 people over for a Christmas party and everything was devoured.  The s-hook trick for racks on the MES gave me enough space to get all three 7#ers in at once.  

    Tied rubbed w/ maui onion mustard, diamond kosher salt, and fresh crushed black pepper. Seared @ 500* for 20 minutes, then into the 225* MES for about 4 hours until 130* internal.  Rested in foil and in a towel for 30 minutes before serving.

    I got a new canon 7d camera for xmas, so I will have to do some q-view on the next one.

    Thanks again for the hints
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