Help for first smoker build

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by x0xsaywhutx0x, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Its finally starting to warm up here in Buffalo and I'm excited about finally being able to smoke again after dealing with 8 feet of snow in 2 days and sub zero temperatures.  I can finally see the grass again and can wear shorts again (yes, we consider temps in the upper 30s shorts weather).  I feel like I was in hibernation, but I'm back and ready to get rolling again. 

    I'm hoping to build a wood cold smoker in my back yard (if it can double as a hot smoker too that'll be awesome but I already have a UDS for that).  Nothing too big, probably around 3' wide by 3 or 4' high.  Mainly to smoke sausages (my birthday is coming up and I am possibly getting a meat grinder and sausage stuffer) and maybe some larger stuff too but we'll see how it goes.  I'd like to have the main smokehouse with the firebox on the side attached by a pipe.  What I'd like to know is what should be included in the build and where (such as vents, chimney, etc.), what materials I should or shouldn't use, and any other tips.  I will probably be basing my build off of a cedar smokehouse build I seen on here posted from 2013, but a little smaller.  I'd like to spend no more than $100 on it.

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