Help, first time grilling a pork sirloin roast today...

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  1. I have a Brinkman horizontal, charcoal/wood smoker.  I was going to get the charcoal going and then just put some apple wood I have soaked on top, is this correct?  Another guy i know said to use hedge tree wood as it burns well and lasts a long time.  I sure would appreciate some advice!  Thanks!
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    You dont even have to soak the wood. That really does nothing for the smoking, just makes it longer as the wood has to dry out. I found that putting the wood chunks right against the charcoal instead of on top , I get a better smoke from them. They seem to smolder slower , when I throw them on top they just burn up.
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    I don't know what you mean by Hedge Tree Wood but I would stick to Fruit woods or Hard woods like Hickory, Oak, Maple and Pecan...JJ
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    I will put my chunks right on top layer of the coals..and the hot ones go in the center where the red can is in the pic. It burns out from the center and wood smolders... Minion'

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  5. If I were you i would just go buy some hickory, oak, apple, cherry, mesquite, maple or any fruit wood available. Orange, lemon tree wood if you are in the south. Woods can be bitter and not good for smoking. Home Depot or Lowes or any hardware store will fix you up. I usually use half hard woods and half fruit woods. Hard woods would be oak, hickory mesquite  and maple. Fruit woods are of course all the others...Good luck and have fun smoking................[​IMG]
  6.  Not much fat on a pork sirloin so be sure not to overcook it or it will be dry. Take it off by 145 deg. at the most and it should be moist.

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    Another "fruit wood" for us Southerners is sea grape. I just took two pork sirloin roasts out of the Master-built a few minutes ago. Smoked them with sea grape that I ran though my chipper. Great wood for a sweet smoke and it's free in the coastal south. 

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