Help figuring out what a smoked meat is, and how to make it

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    Hi all,

    My wife is from South America, in a german speaking area. When we go visit, we always have this one type of meat that is so good. It can be made either from pork tenderloin or deer backstrap. They have it in a brine for a couple days, and then I believe cold smoke it (under 80f) for many hours.

    The meat when we eat it is very pink in colour, and the texture certainly doesn't look like cooked meat. The meat isn't all that tender, sort of chewy.

    I'll try to take a picture of it, some of her uncles that live here in North America also make it. Here is a pic of something that looks similar:

    They usually cut it thicker than that, more like 1/4" slices. They just slice it off and eat it, no cooking.

    They call it "schinken fleisch", which my crappy German just translates to ham meat.

    Any thoughts on what this actually is?
  2. That picture appears to be a cured and dried pork loin. There are a couple popular varieties like a Lomo or Lonzino, but essentially it's a cured and dried pork loin. It can be spiced however you can also be smoked!

    If beef or the like is used it can be called a Bresaola which again is just a cured and dried beef tenderloin. I think the deer would fall closer to something like this than it's pork counterpart.

    Both of these products are cured for a certain period of time and then dried until an appropriate % of weight is lost to make it safe to each without cooking. I can see 1/4" slices of this being a bit chewy. It's usually sliced as this as possible and melts in your mouth.
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    I too think that's a loin. Don't know what schinken fleisch is but schinkenspeck is a dry cured and smoked flat cut from the leg ham. Same texture and colour as the meat in your pic.

    Any of the original "settlers" are still around? I would like to listen to their stories.
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  4. I agree with the above. It is a loin.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Wow. Looks and sounds awesome.
    I'd be hounding the inlaws for a secret recipe. Lol
    I'm guessing your keen to have a crack at making it??
  6. greenenvy22

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    My inlaws are going to send me some info, but in the meantime, my Wife smoked some pork tenderloin today.

    She brined it overnight last night, then had it in the smoker at very low heat (mostly ambient, which was about -2 C, or 29F, with a couple warmer times as she wasn't used to the smoker). She had it in for about 10 hours. I think we'll cook it to be safe, but it does look very good (and cut a little piece off, tasted very good).

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    Were you trying to reproduce the meat you posted at the beginning?
  8. I'm a bit confused too. Are you saying the above picture is cooked or not? It definitely looks cooks to me...

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