Help, corn husks kept breaking off.....

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  1. I started pulling the husks back on the corn, individually, and either they came totally off of kept breaking.  This totally frustrated me, so I schucked them all I currently have them soaking.  Any suggestions on how to still do them on the smoker?
  2. adiochiro3

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    Parchment paper comes to mind.  I would wrap the corn and soak the paper right before smoking. 
  3. Thanks, I will have to try that.
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    When I grill or smoke corn on the cob I soak the whole thing, cob and husk, in cold water for about 2-3 hours. But since you've already pulled your's off I would just layer them all around the cob, and wrap it with some butcher's cord to ensure it stays on. I normally leave mine on and then pull the husks back and remove the silks after they've soaked. Then I rub it down with Miracle Whip, sea salt, cracked pepper, and some smoked paprika, pull up the corn husks and tie the husks off with butcher's cord/twist tie. Toss on a hot grill for about an hour to an hour and a half or a smoker for about 2 hours and then enjoy it...


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  5. I actually ended up using aluminum foil, I dried the corn, coated it with butter and some seasoning wrapped it up, cooked it for 1.5 hours, opened the top, put another peice of wood on for another 1/2 hour.  Worked great>
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    Aluminium foil does work great. I usually use that when I am grilling if I don't feel like working with the husks.
  7. I just pull the huskys off on put it on a hot grill and be done with it. W

    orks out good only takes 10-15 mintues
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    X2 on Brekar .
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    I just wrap them in a wet paper towel

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