help converting blodgett cos 20 into a smoker

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by cgn-25, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. cgn-25

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    I need to know what size regulator and the orifice size for the 12 burners. any insight would be helpful.
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  3. cgn-25

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    The blodgett combo oven cos20g is the biggest combo oven blodgett makes. it has a 225,000 but burner, which is to much heat. I would like to keep the 12 vertical burners that go into heat exchanger pipes. the propane spec is for a 14" wc regulator, but that is for a 225,000 but burner. I was thinking that a 11" wc [gas grill] regulator would provide enough propane flow to the burner. I need to spec out the proper orifice for the burner so the burner will produce 100000 but. the line is 3/4". I am hoping someone with propane knowledge could assist me, because blodgett has not been much help. Thanks   
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  5. daveomak

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    You have 225,000 BTU's... 12 burners.... that's 18,750 BTU's per burner..... or 5,500 watts per burner...
    A small electric runs using a 1200 watt element pretty nicely...
    You may have to remove 9 burners and run 3 for it to work effectively.... plug the 9 holes in the gas manifold with plugs...

    The remaining burners, with the orifices already in them, should work nicely....

    SAVE all the parts to put it back together later...
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  6. cgn-25

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    we started our conversion of an oven into a smoker today, here are a few pics showing our progress. Photo 1 is of the oven.

    below is a pic of the heat exchanger pipes, we removed the bottom fan to decrease airflow.

    below is the pic of were the smoke enters the chamber. We drilled out the 2" drain and turned it into a 4" smoke supply.

    We had to drill a 4" hole through the ceiling for the chimney, 24" with an internal damper.

    We installed stainless angle iron at a 7" interval, perfect for hanging kielbasa on every other row.We calculated that we could smoke about 80 kielbasa at a time, or roughly 160 lbs. 

    We have smoke, chamber had good flow. Looking forward to rest of the conversion. Thanks for the nat gas to propane orifice chart, still  not sure about the pressure regulator size yet. I'm waiting to here back from my gas guy.

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