Help - chicken legs in pan?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by stonerose, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Hi - long time, first time. Smoking is a newer hobby for me and this site has provided a lot of guidance, so thanks.

    We are having a bunch of people for a bbq this weekend, and I wanted to smoke some chicken legs (in addition to grilling a bunch of stuff). My thought is to smoke the drumsticks at 275 til 165 then finish on grill as people need.

    Question - has anyone ever smoked chicken pieces in a pan with sauce? I was thinking of just putting them in bbq sauce in the pans and sticking the pans in the smoker. Keep em moist and easier to deal with amongst all the other things that day with the crowd and grill.

    Thoughts on that? I thought I saw them smoke chicken pieces in the pan on pitmasters, with some butter under each piece and some sauce in the pan. Figured this would be similar.

    I have the MES 40 with an amnps.

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  2. The sauce will burn and turn the chicken bitter.  I sauce with 30 minutes left in the smoker.  I also don't use a pan as I feel this inhibits the chicken from getting a proper smoke. 

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    Thanks - I ended up waiting until almost the end to sauce. Finished on grill and they were a hit. Thanks!

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