Help! Air cured prosciutto got wet

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mattcoffay, Dec 23, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    Question for meat curing enthusiasts: our prosciuttos have been hanging outside for about a month now air drying (after salting, rinsing with white wine vinegar, and wrapping in cheesecloth).  They're in a drafty, protected spot.  But, this afternoon, we had a really intense storm with incredily powerful wind and rain, and some of the rain somehow blew into the covered area and dampened the prosciutto.

    Will it continue to dry and cure alright?  Should I do anything to it to salvage it?  Thanks!
  2. My thoughts are that it should be ok to continue drying.Just watch for any contamination that may result in fuzzy mold or( black and other colors mold other than flat surface chalky white) starting.If this happens wipe the outside with salt water brine or  vinegar , then continue drying again.
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    Yeah what Knotfree said. I would think a little breeze would dry it up in short order and be back to normal conditions. I can see the meat absorbing much moisture.
    Good luck and lets see some pic's of the hams.

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