Help. 1st Brisket stalled at 135

Discussion in 'Beef' started by epicac2, Dec 28, 2014.

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    Hello, I am very new to smoking and on a whim, bought a 3lb brisket to smoke. Im using a propane Master Forge Dual door. Maverick dual probe, one in the brisket(inserted at start of cook) and one probe next to the brisket. I've maintained temps of about 225-235 for the past 4 hours. Added soaked wood chips during the first 2 hours. However, about 45 minutes ago, internal temps have slowed. I read of the "stall" happening around 150. I was planning on wrapping in foil around the 150 stall but current internal temps seem to be stuck at 135. I twisted the internal probe a bit but nothing changed.

    Should I wrap it now? Or be patient and wrap one it reaches 150?

    I calibrated the maverick probes this morning before I started cooking.

  2. Hi and welcome to the site.

    Edit. sorry I missed that you calibrated you Mav.

    Normally, they will be well past 140 in 4 hrs at your smoker temp and stall around 160 ish.  You aint opening the smoker often to look are you??  Old saying "If your lookin you aint cookin'".

    Yeah be patient it will get there if your maverick is reading correctly .

    One thing I would not do is soak the wood chips as there is really no need to do so. and I wouldn't insert the meat temp probe into the meat until 4 hrs into the cook.
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    At the temps you are cooking at that's probably not unusual. The thickness of the meat has as much to do with cooking time as weight and all cuts have a mind of their own. Pull it out,  foil it with some finishing sauce, and finish it at a higher temp in the oven. Chalk it up as a learning experience that you don't start a brisket on a whim in the middle of the day. You will save the meat and live to fight another day.  
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    I would just leave it alone and cook it until it's done.
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    Patience............... is it done yet.........?

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