HELLP! What the heck is Flap steak

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hilbillyinca, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. hilbillyinca

    hilbillyinca Smoke Blower

    I just got my "mystery meat" for the KCBS Championships in Fairfield, CA. I only have a couple of hours to figure what the heck to do with this. I'm not even sure what it is...

    It's a cryovac pack, probably about 8 to 10 lbs. It looks similar to a brisket, but the Organizer called it a Flap steak or Flap meat.

    I won't have time to smoke it whole, before tomorrows turn in time, so I'm need of idea. It's a mystery meat category, so anything goes!

    hurry, help!!
  2. ronp

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  3. alx

    alx Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Man, my computer is f up right now so i could not see what RON the MANS link said.If it is marinatable we did 4 out of 96 teams in dessert category at Pork in park Maryland doing Jacked up quesadillas type thing.My bro in law was juliard trained artist before he had to find real work(electrician)-and we presented it with sculpted tomatoes,Peppers,friut etc.

    Wish i had damn computer fixed right or i might be of help.PRESENTATION van be 1/2 the battle in this stuff.........
  4. pops6927

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    It comes off the flank; it's actually the tail of a porterhouse and similar to skirt and flank steak. Long, fibrous, stringy grain. You'll want to cook it with high heat rare or medium rare and slice thin across the grain.
  5. richoso1

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    In some regions it is know as hanger, skirt, flank or even carne asada steak. Pops had it right.
  6. mballi3011

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    It's simaliar to a Flank, Hanger like rich and pops said. It's a nice cut of meat but not that hard to cook and in your case smoke. The best of luck
  7. hilbillyinca

    hilbillyinca Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the tips, we wound up doing Tequila Lime marinated soft tacos. They came out awesome, but still only landed us in 24th out of 38 for the mystery meat category!

    was hard to fit 6 tacos in that little box!!
  8. hilbillyinca

    hilbillyinca Smoke Blower

    Here's the actual turn in box.. still having trouble getting pics to show.
  9. hilbillyinca

    hilbillyinca Smoke Blower

    BTW, this was not an 8lb cut like i had thought. It was late, it was dark, and the cryovac pack looked and felt like a big ole brisket.

    Turned out to be about 8 strips of meat about 5-7 inches across and maybe 3/4 inch think. Very similar to a skirt steak
  10. alx

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    I think you mentioned it was your first comp-so anything(if it was KCBS) outside main 4 categories is a plus that you had the time....In my earlier post i mentioned we did quesadilas but it was in anything butt category, not dessert LMAO.

    Those marinated tacos sound yummy...
  11. oneshot

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    Mmmmmmmmm those are looking pretty darned tasty.[​IMG]
    Congrats on yer showing, you'll have more chances....[​IMG]

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