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    I'm Rick, live in San Diego, brew my own beer and smoke my own meat.:)

    Planning a Memorial day event this weekend. I have an offset smoker from Home Depot that works for me.

    Doing 2-3 briskets, 6 racks of baby back ribs, couplea a chickens. mesquite lump charcoal with applewood or mesquite smoke.

    Usually do a marinade for the briskets with Coke overnight and do a dry rub for another night. Smoke/bake em in aluminum foil at 250-275 for ~8 hours.

    Ribs just get the membrane removed and the same rub wrapped in foil for 6-7 hours. Apple juice for mop everytime I think about it.

    chickens, well, I'm new to chickens. Could use some help here.

    All get unwrapped and smoked for the last 2-3 hours (intermitent smoke) as i don't want to dry em out.

    Take the drippings from the ribs out of the foil and separate the fat. Reduce the aqueous phase with some brown sugar added and use it for sauce if the crowd calls for it. Works on the brisket as well.

    Jus, sayin
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    welcome to the club.
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    Welcome to SMF, Rick ,glad to have ya !
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    Welcome aboard, good to have ya!
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    Welcome to SMF rickwg!!!
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    welcome to SMF...
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    Welcome Rick, Nice to see you on the forum.
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    Welcome aboard Rick nice to have you with us.
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    Welcome to the SMF Rick! Sounds like you will fit right in here.
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    Welcome to the forum. Thats a big cook you got planned. We like our pics around here.
  11. deejaydebi

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    Welcome Rick -

    Poultry is good brined - chicken can go one way or the other. It also cooks faster. Download my chart to help you keep it all straight.


    I like to inject a bit of butter, garlic, onion and spice into my birds makes em moist and tasty inside and out. Spray them with apple juice to. Chicken can smoke hotter than beef or pork because there's no tough tissues to break down. Any more questions just come back and ask em!
  12. rickwg

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    Printed your chart and it looks good. About the same times I've been doing things but now they're written down. :) .

    Getting real excited about this sunday. The prep is tough with the chickens, ribs, and briskets but after the smoke it's all worth it. Watching friends snarf it down is the best part. I have one friend that can do two racks if I let him. He's bringing his own this year to smoke. I don't know how he's preping them though.

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