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    Kinda new to smoking. been doing it occasionally for the past year on make shifts grills, plus my cousins Big Green Egg. Now I bought myself an off set Brinkmann Special Edition. I know its crap, did some modifications on it and the idea is to practice..practice..practice.

    Using 2 chimney starters, charcoal lump wood, briquettes (not often), soaked wood chips, iGrill 2...

    I usually smoke twice on the weekends and maybe once during the week, gotta get the smoking counter going. Getting better at smoking chicken, pacing myself. Pulled Meat is my goal (Briskets, Shoulders, Leg of Lamb...).

    My environment is somewhat challenging, but that's good I guess. I'm from and live currently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Hot and very humid climate. I have limited access to few things; charcoal is either the shitty type drenched in chemicals or expensive stuff imported from the U.S (weber, kingsford) rounds up to around $35 for 4 pounds. Imported weber wood chips costs $15 per 3 pounds, but we get all the varieties of flavors. Recently found some local Hickory (only) wood chips for half the price. My favorite find is this new local company doing organic compressed palm tree fronds (branches) intro cylinder shapes, no chemical additives... quite frankly burns pretty clean for long and no over powering flavor. 

    The meat is another issue. I dot't like our local chicken, sometimes I can find bigger sized 1400 grams chicken which isn't bad. I'm against small chicken, no flavor, especially if raised conventionally. My solution...grow and raise my own chicken, but that's for later. The beef is good because we get it imported from Australia, usually Angus or Wagyu. I get it as it is in the case its been wet aging in and butcher it myself.

    To get a general idea, Angus brisket is $15 per Kg. Angus Tenderloin is $35 per Kg. Angus Rib-Eye is $32 /Kg. Wagyu Tenderloin $90 /Kg. Chicken is $6-8 per chicken +- 1Kg.

    The popular meat around here is lamb. nothing very special really but its the choice of meat here, will experiment with it soon. The good local stuff $20-25 /Kg.

    Really excited and looking forward to learn and share in this smoking community. 

    Cheers ;)
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    My simple setup

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    Chicken lollipops, beans, bacon and a beef tenderloin (lightly smoked then seared).


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