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    I'm from Brazoria County Texas. I'm fairly new at smoking and my stronger points lie in brisket. I cook off of a small custom reverse smoker. The smoke chamber of my pit could only probably fit 3 to 4, 8-12lbs briskets. This year I started competing at local cook offs and so far out of those only two were sanction ones. I'm looking forward to learning some more. I smoke a brisket pretty often so any tips would be great.
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    Joe Welcome to SMF sounds like we will be picking your head about brisket. Good Luck in the comps post some pics of your smoker and cooks.

  3. swoodze

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    Welcome to the site Joe.

  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Welcome , Joe , down there in my home country. Spent a lot of time around your area Fishing for Cats.

    Hope you are using the S/CBP rub we Texans love so well .  Nothing better than a good Brisky.

    Send lots of Q-view and post often , have fun and . . .
  5. swoodze

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    Oldschool, I already had lunch but your making my stomach growl right now.

  6. Hello from a starting to cool down East Texas and welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and real good people here.  Lots of Brisket info on here 

    Gary S
  7. joe24g

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    Thanks fellas for the warm welcoming. I'll post some pics this weekend. oldschoolbbq some of the best catfish around here. Nice pics, what is this S/CBP seasoning?

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