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    I've been using my broken down former gas grill to smoke things for the past 4 years or so and it was less than sufficient.  My daughter and son-in-law just got me a new Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker for father's day and I was JACKED!.  It's the type of rig I've always wanted.  Not too big, but enough to do anything I want.  I'm seaonsing at this very moment.  I studied up pretty good last night on the subject and I hope I'm doing everything right.  I rubbed it down with canola oil on the inside and I'm using a bunch of oak to fire it.  Wish me luck and I would appreciate any tips.  
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    Welcome, congrats on the new toy !
  3. Hey Irby, hello and welcome from East Texas. Well what you gonna smoke first ?

    Gary S
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    Hey, Gary!  I figured I would try a picnic shoulder or maybe a boston butt.  I'm familiar with both cuts and both have plenty of fat so they're less likely to dry out or burn if the heat soars on me.  Regardless, I'm going to keep a hawk eye on that temp guage!

  5. Great, keep us posted

    Gary S
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    Now that I familiarized myself with my Highland smoker over the summer, I'm ready to perform the proper mods.

    Haven't decided whether to go with a tape gasket or high-temp silicone to seal it up.  I'm confident that the Permatex Red RTV is fine for the smoker box, but not sure about the fire box.

    I've been using old barbecue racks wrapped with alluminum foil for a half-assed baffle and tuning plate, so I'll need to replace them with the proper materials.  I still need to figure out what dimensions to make the tuning plate(s) considering the dimensions of the smoker.  The Highland is a little smaller than the Longhorn and almost all of the mod specs I've found are for the Longhorn.

    The charcoal basket and the chimney mod will be easy.

    I have neither welding skills or equipment nor access to such, so that has to be taken into consideration.  I'm pretty handy, but I need to know the dimensions.

    If anyone can direct me to any instructions/specs on Highland Smoker mods, please advise.

    Any suggestions/directions/warnings would be much appreciated.


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