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  1. Got a new smoker and found this site. Has what I'm looking for so he i am.

    My current grill is gas,charcoal,smoker with a broiler element that will sear or fast grill with the rotisserie if needed. But I never had a stand alone smoker. Pick up a Bradley 4 rack ,digital smoker.

    just workig out some  things with it and it works quite well. Have done sammon and a corn beef that came out great. havs some photos but will post in the proper forum. well if you don't hear from me i"lle reading some other post here. Oh Bacon is great but fat back (another form of salt pork) that has been in a salt brine is a hole nother level.easy to make, great for sausage and some thing they call crackle.  Well if you don't hear from me i"ll be reading some other post here
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Gary S

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