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    Forgot to introduce myself the other day.

    I'm Jim. I live in Nepa. My wife and I love to cool and are foodies in general bit I have a real love for smoked food along with BBQ but never really dived into learning vs just eating it!

    This weekend my neighbor and I are going to try and smoke our first pork butt. We have been reading and reading. We have a game plan. So tomorrow at 5 we will give it a go and waste the day prob doing yard work and then playing cornhole for the rest of the night! Lol

    So that's my story so far. I have to say that I have learned a ton in just over a week here and thanks to everyone who helped me on my little thread over in the pork section!

    All the best,
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    Hey Jim, welcome to SMF. Glad you found the information on the site informative and useful.  Sounds like you've got a delicious weekend ahead of you too. Have fun with the smoke and we're looking forward to hearing how it turned out.  Post pics too if you can.

    Happy Smoking!

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    Cool thanks checking it out now. We did our injection tonight along with the rub and it's sitting in the frig forcthe night. We r going to hit it at 5 am tomorrow morning to get it going. We also made a vinegar and tomato based finishing aside for tomorrow we decided to do those tonight cause we figured it could set up for the night and to tell the truth we didn't know if they should be say of or night before! Lol. Learning as we go!

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