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  1. Hi, my name is Beau and I am living in South Florida, Fort Myers. I recently found this forum while searching for sausage and smoking recipes.  I recently purchased a meat grinder and of course that has now lead me to wanting to try to make my own smoked sausages.

    I have yet to purchase a smoker, but am hoping with the help of this community find the right smoker for my needs, as well as some awesome recipe ideas to try.


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    Great to have you join us Beau, :welcome1: from North Dakota!
    Plenty of smokers to research here in the smoker section from electric, gas, charcoal, pellet... let us know which direction you are thinking and possibly we can help narrow down your search!
  3. Hello Beau, glad you joined. Choosing a smoker takes a little time. My advice go to a couple BBQ cook-offs and see the different types, ask questions and you can see them in action, if you see something that really catches your eye talk to the pit master/owner I haven't found many smoker that don't want to talk about their smoker. Other considerations, how many folks you going to be cooking for, Styles, Electric, gas wood/charcoal ?   Anyway a lot to think about, but you will figure it out. Just a side note I see smokers all the time that I like and wish I had so it's a never ending process. Thought I would confuse you a little more !!

    Gary S

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