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  1. buddy atwood

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    Hi all:

    My name is Buddy Atwood, I live near Magnolia, TX. I am an avid smoker, and am usually near the smoker. I have a side burner I've used for years, a Bayou Classic Ceramic Smoker, and recently bought the Master built electric smoker, which I like pretty well. I'm a retired Peace Officer, fish, hunt and throw back a brew now and then..uh maybe more often than than phrase implies.
  2. jrod62

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    Welcome to SMF :welcome1:
  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Welcome , Buddy. We hope you come to call us 'Home' for all your Smoking and Grilling . We have a world of great people here and all are willing to share and show .

    Please add your location onto your Profile...(we keep records of people like you)[​IMG].

    Send some Q-view of your equip. and your bunch ( inquring people want to know...[​IMG]).  

    Have a Great Holiday Season and ...
  4. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Hi Buddy! [​IMG]  to SMF!!! We're happy you found us!
  5. so ms smoker

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    Welcome  Glad to have you with us.


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