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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by texas trey, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I'm Trey from Katy, Tx. Found this site by looking for answers on keeping heat constant across the grill in my Ok.Joe offset smoker. Saw some really good ideas on here through a Google search.

    Also have a Weber kettle and a 150gal. smoker that I used to use in competition cooking.

    I love hunting fishing, BBQ-ing and drinking a cold beer. Lets grill!!
  2. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    Hey Trey,  welcome to the site.  Lots of friendly folks and inspiration for smoking projects round here.

    With your interest in hunting, fishing and BBQ, you will fit right in around here.

    Feel free to share some of your projects with us.  (Pictures are always welcome).
  3. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to the forum Trey!  Glad ya joined us.

  4. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome from SC, Trey. It's good to have you on this great site.
  5. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Welcome to the forum Trey, I can see that we are living pretty close to each other :) Always nice to have one more on here from Houston area. I live in Energy Corridor and have a Weber Smokey Mountain, and planning to buy a gravity feed smoker within the next couple of months.

    I have learned quite a lot from this forum already, so I believe you find it a good place as well, even though you might be quite trained already :)
  6. Good deal, my wife works in that area. I'm at greenhouse and Keith Harrow. Hopefully will figure out how to navigate my way around here, all is done on my phone. Im also on Texas Hunting Forum.
  7. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Cool Trey, so you are pretty new to the area? I have been in Houston bit more than a year now :)
  8. Grew up in Alvin, Tx, lived around the Houston area all my life(48) years. Lived in a small town called Waller for 14 years, but the wife wanted more shopping stores closer, so here I am, back in the concrete jungle since 2010.
  9. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Sounds really good, I like it here. Where do you shop your meat?
  10. Wherever it's on sale man. Been mainly doing alot of pork due to the stupid high cost of beef now days. Get my ribeyes from Sam's or Costco, they tend to have really nice ribeyes there, thats my prefered steak. There is a good hog processing plant that sells some good pork, cut right off the pig to your specs in front of you, it's called JJ Packing in Brookshire, well worth the look if you haven't been there, that is if you eat pork. Their baby backs are awsome.
  11. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Thanks u so much Trey, I will look at JJ Packing. Have been considering a membership for Costco as well, but I will leave US July next year, so.

    I am making brisket this weekend, starting tonight. Found one prime on sale in HEB :)
  12. Just realized why you asked me if I'm new to area. The navigation I was talking about is on this forum, should of worded it better.
  13. Was wondering about the name, German?
  14. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Haha, so it was on the forum you needed to find your way around :) My bad.

    I am Danish, but my ancestors on my mother's side came from Germany to Denmark in mid 1700s
  15. I was stationed in the Netherlands in 86-87 while in the Army. Went to Germany, Belgium and Denmark while there. Was really awesome, great women and great beer.
  16. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Ohh, that is great. I cannot agree on the women and beer(my wife is Danish as well:))

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