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    I use to burn meat and had no idea on temp control or food temps. I have meatheads food temp magnet now. Three years into it now and became Church primary BBQ man. I read on amazing ribs website for a while, learned everything there. I also learned restaurant cooking etiquette from a fellow Brother who went to cooking school. Wash hands, wash surfaces, keep from cross contaminating, wear gloves, and change them between stations. I've been selling BBQ for church fundraisers. Cannot afford anyone to get sick and must keep the kitchen clean!

    My rig is the humble Pit Barrel and a 22 1/2 Weber with BBQ Guru. It works, I'd really like to get a serious rig. Been looking for used or new Horizon, JJ, Gator, Lone Star, or similar 20x48 or 24x48. Things are just out of reach it seems lol.... A warming box is also very important. Had to use cheap offset smokers to hold temps on cooked meats in foil until ready to be served. Can't keep temp stable, at leas it was above 140 holding.

    I'd like to use the rig to sell BBQ street corner or parking lot for a while. This will help offset the cost of it.

    Thanks for hearing me,
  2. Hey Cpt Caveman welcome to the site, sounds like you'll fit right in around here.  Good luck on your search for a new pit, you've got a good list to choose from.  Keep on smokin'.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Glad to have you with us!

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    Hey thanks guys for the welcome. I'm also considering a dedicated chicken. Cooked, how well do they cook ribs and brisket?
  5. cpt caveman

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    Meant a dedicated chicken cooker

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