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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by pikestabber, Apr 7, 2016.

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    I did actually reply to a topic yesterday, but it looks like I should have started here for my first post.

    I'm a Northern Minnesota guy and have been smoking foods for about 18 years. I've used all types of smokers but currently run with a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18 (propane) and use a AMPS tray for cold smoking. When it's 20 below, it really helps to have a propane smoker than can keep up with the outside temps and still do it's thing, but I am flirting with the idea of getting an electric for it's ease of use and reliable temps. Love the flavor of charcoal smokers, but stick to my Weber for that.

    I am an avid fisherman/hunter and process all my own meats and sausages. I love trying new recipes and concoctions and will share some successes and failures along the way. I am a new dad to an awesome 9 month old boy and future smoker!

    Foods I feel very comfortable smoking: fish, cheese, pork butt, pastrami, sausages (polish, summer, fatties).

    Foods I need to experiment with more: ribs, brisket, poultry

    "Odd things" I've tried that I really liked would be cold smoked green olives and hot smoked pumpkin seeds.

    Looking forward to hopefully helping a little & learning a lot.

  2. dukeburger

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    Welcome to SMF

    Looking forward to seeing some of your work. Glad to have you on board!
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    Hello and welcome, can't wait to see some good smokes.

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    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad you decided to join us!

    Sounds like you have a lot to share!

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    [​IMG] Glad to have you on board lot of great guys and gals on here with tons of info. Take the time to read on home page Initial Greetings it contains a lot of helpful info about this great sight. Also we like pictures of what you do.

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