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    I've been reading a lot of great post on this forum for the past couple of weeks and am very impressed with the positive and constructive advice. I currently have 2 upright propane smokers. A small Brinkmann that my wife bought me for a Birthday present several years ago (before we got married) that we kept at her house and a larger Smoke Hollow that I purchased from Gander Mountain to keep at my house. Now that we have them both together and after using both with varying degrees of success, I want to build a new Offset Reverse Flow. Will create a new thread for that soon. Looking forward to the build.

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  2. Welcome to the site George!

       Always good to see a fellow cheesehead on here! Actually we are pretty much neighbors since I live near Muskego.

        Anyhow you wanna learn anything about bbq you came to the right place!  A lot of good people on here who are more than willing to help, don't be afraid to ask questions!

            Good  Smokin, 

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    geothermal Smoke Blower

    Thanks Mark!
  4. Hello George, welcome to SMF from East Texas be looking forward to watching your build.

    Gary S

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