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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by aahhyes68, Apr 19, 2014.

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    Good evening gentlemen,

       I've been searching and searching on how to cure 40# of pork belly and stumbled on Smoking Meatforums. It was a post by "Pops" and has been really helpful, but I thought I would join and try to learn as much as possible before ruining a bunch of pork, or worse, getting someone sick.. Maybe I can even contribute something I do know to help someone else out..

     I live in SE MI with my lovely bride and three great kids ages 11, 13 and 15. I am a Pipefitter that specializes in refrigeration...I build and service supermarket equipment for the most part. I have grown to love smoking and good Q but I cheat...I have a pellet smoker...lol. I also have a Kamado Joe and a Weber gasser... I love them all really.

     I belong to several forums ranging from smoking, firearms and outdoors, ATV's, RC cars and RV's... I love all of them too. :)

    Anywayz... I'm glad to be here and with any luck and this forums members I can learn something and get my 40# of pork bellies cured, smoked and into the frying pan. Heck...I might even learn how to do sausage....Yumm...

     I thank all of you in advance,

     Steve B. & Family
  2. Welcome to the fourm. This is the place to hang out and learn the smoking ways. Glad you found us.
  3. Hello Steve, and a big welcome from East Texas, lots of information and help here. I'm sure someone will be along to share their thoughts on curing.

    Gary S
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    Welcome to the forum from Lansing Steve.  And what a great forum it is to learn the art of smoking everything.

    We have a Michigan group here.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/groups/show/27/michigan-members-group          

    If you get a chance check it out and join if you have not done so yet.

    We are going to have a Michigan get together this year and I hope you can make it.


    It’s always nice to see another Michigander here.


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